G U G    P r e s s


Enigmatic science poetry. A series of experiments carried out on words and sounds that synthesize landscapes of extreme meaning and baffling emotional data. A collection full of concrete poems and word-based investigations that push the limits of language and meaning. This is Serafina Palic: a meek yet ferociously intelligent Polish scientist possessing a singular vision of humanity and the universe.


Full of twists, turns and dead ends, this is your very own choose your own adventure poetry collection. A funny, light and definitely 'meta' collection that will have you questioning your own agency, making you wonder who exactly it was that killed the Author.... With many poems channeling the likes of Roland Barthes, Virginia Woolf, Guillaume Apollinaire, William Carlos Williams and others, this book definitely rewards repeated reading....


Rulkey Culkin is a philosopher, guru, entrepreneur, novelist and poet travelling the world relentlessly in search of enlightenment. Distilled here for the first time in one courageously bleak, yet paradoxically uplifting volume, GUG Press presents Rulkey’s on-message world view. Counterpointing the text are illustrations by Rulkey’s beautiful three-year-old daughter, Persephone Culkin. As beguilingly honest as they are unflinchingly complex, her powerful creations speak to us on a level only children can.

A formidable 258 page anthology embracing a colossal breadth of genres and writing styles. This book contains exactly one hundred writers that performed in London during 2015 and early 2016. An annual publication that celebrates London's world-renowned open mic and poetry scene: its democracy, values and people. A must-have for any live performer, spoken word artist or writer with their finger on London's poetry pulse.


Science Foetus Foetus Science by Serafina Palic

The Death of the Author: A Choose Your Own Adventure Murder Mystery by Jon Madge

Nihilistic Motivational Quotes by Rulkey Culkin

London Spoken Word Anthology 2015 - 2016 by 100 Writers